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Bridging the learning gap

By Danielle Barfoot

While it is often easy to identify children who are at possible risk of falling behind in their learning, addressing these children’s individual learning needs remains a challenge. Many schools simply do not have the staff or resources to intervene intensively in order to give struggling learners the chance of successfully completing a grade.

6 tips to successfully home educate more than one child

Not all parents who decide on home education only has one child – home educated families come in all shapes and sizes and generally include children in multiple grades.


If you are considering home education, but are concerned about how you’ll manage teaching more than one child or that the age gap between your children is too wide, here are some suggestions to make it work.


What’s the problem?

Kids face a variety of problems – they may struggle academically, experience issues with friends, have trouble on the sports field or find it difficult to complete a specific task.

The homework debate

The topic of homework has divided parents, educators and child development specialists around the world for years. While some people feel that homework is unnecessary, excessive and too stressful for children, others believe that it teaches them essential skills. So, who is right?

In a sense, everyone. 

Budget-friendly brain-boosting food for kids

Children are notoriously picky eaters. Some only want to eat one type of food, some won’t try anything new, and others refuse to eat foods of a particular colour. Then there are those who simply can’t do without sugary snacks and treats.

Autism – what you need to know

The number of autism cases are increasing worldwide. Yet the symptoms of this conditions are often so vague and subtle that parents and even medical experts find it difficult to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with a child. In addition, there is an enormous lack of education and awareness about autism, which often prevents it from being diagnosed and treated correctly. April is autism awareness month – here is what parents should know.

Autism is a neuro-biological development disorder that is characterised mainly by social, communication and behavioural problems.

Easter eggs can make learning fun

Danielle Barfoot


Plastic Easter eggs provide a fun way to develop a number of skills. So, once your child has finished the treats inside, why not use those plastic eggs to help him learn in a fun and creative way?

Language skills

Raise a bookworm

Danielle Barfoot


Library Week is taking place from 14 to 21 March and this year the focus is on lifelong learning and empowering young readers. With the school holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time to visit your nearest library and get your child reading!

The value of good vision

Danielle Barfoot


As much as 80% of the learning a child does occurs through visual processing – think reading, writing, copying work from the blackboard and using computers. This means that good vision is essential. When a child’s vision is not functioning properly, his education can suffer.

The school project conundrum

Danielle Barfoot


When your child arrives home with an assignment – whether it is creating a macaroni masterpiece or a spectacular model of the solar system – it raises an important question: how involved should you get?


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