We always appreciate positive feedback from our learners, parents, tutors, academies and schools. It motivates us to improve our services and it fills us with a sense of accomplishment when our clients are happy and satisfied with our product and service.

Testimonial - Tanya Botha 22-11-2016

Impak, I want to thank you for your efficient service. I have already received the learning material for 2017 and couldn’t be happier. 

Testimonial - Vierlanden Akademie 17-10-2016

Thank you for your selfless assistance and support, Stompie. As a new centre, 2016 was disordered and topsy-turvy at times, but with your help and guidance we made it! We look forward to tackling 2017 with you at our side. 

Testimonial - Arcadia Primary 03-10-2016

“We are so thankful for the wonderful tool Impak has given us to help empower our learners, and we are excited about the prospect of being able to support even more learners next year! Impak’s curriculum is truly making a positive difference in the lives – and futures – of our learners and teachers.” – Annetjie Dombai, teacher at Arcadia Primary

Testimonial - Robertson Logos Christian School 07-04-2016

We would like to thank the entire Impak team for an amazing conference. The workshops and presentations were informative and helpful. We are proud to be part of the Impak family and to be using this remarkable product.  Impak’s sound management and infrastructure is encouraging and we look forward to a bright future together. Thank you also for your prompt assistance and support whenever we call or send a query. It is much appreciated. 

Testimonial - Rudi Maree 23-03-2016

We were not sure if home education was the right option for us, but with the first term completed there is no doubt that we made the right choice. There is a vast improvement in our child, and not just academically. Thank you Impak! 

Testimonial - Tracy Higgins 04-03-2016

Impak is amazing – I couldn’t have selected a better partner for my school! My learners enjoy the curriculum and their parents are very happy with the results. 

Testimonial - Jacoba Human 24-02-2016

A year ago my daughter was so depressed that she was admitted to hospital. We were confused and unsure of the future. A psychologist recommended home education, but we had no idea where to start…

While I was sitting in the hospital room with my child, there was a rebroadcast of Ontbytsake. I contacted Impak immediately and the team was friendly and supportive – two weeks later we had all our books and we were ready for Grade 10!

We followed a strict routine throughout the year and stuck to school hours and holidays. I am proud to say that my daughter successfully completed Grade 10 through Impak.

Things are much better now and my daughter is full of confidence again, so we have enrolled her in school this year – the principal immediately accepted her application when he heard she was with Impak. He has even given her the nickname “Impak”!

I want to thank the Impak team for a year during which my daughter and I both learned so much about ourselves and each other. To parents considering home education I’d like to say, it is hard work but absolutely worth it. 

Testimonial - Madelein 15-02-2016

Impak is brilliant! My child used to cry every day when I picked him up from school. Now he is happy and he actually looks forward to doing his schoolwork! I would recommend Impak to any parent. 

Testimonial - Sanet 29-01-2016

I’m a new Impak tutor. From my first enquiry, the company’s offering was clearly outlined and every question I have had to date has been answered to my satisfaction. I look forward to a long and happy working relationship with Impak. Keep up the good work! 

Testimonial - Elsa Meade 08-01-2016

Thank you for your support and friendliness. I can happily recommend Impak to others and look forward to tackling 2016 with the Impak team!

Testimonial - Antonette Pretorius 17-12-2015

Thank you for the excellent service Impak! And thank you, too, for all the tips and guidelines – it helps us to successfully manage our centre. We look forward to a bright future with Impak as our partner!

Testimonial - Debbie Scott 10-12-2015

I am so glad that we found Impak! You offer a wonderful system and great support, as well as an excellent product. 

Testimonial - Sandra Sander 03-12-2015

I recently registered my children with Impak for the first time and want to thank you for the friendly and efficient service, and for keeping me informed every step of the way. The learning material is well laid out and user-friendly, and we look forward to using it in 2016. 

Testimonial - Cecilia Goosen  26-11-2015

Thank you for your speedy reply to my Facebook message, and for the excellent service. 

Testimonial - Selma Adelante 19-11-2015

Thank you for your effective communication and outstanding service. We cannot wait to fully join the Impak family in 2016.  In Fokus Tutorsentrum, Upington

Testimonial - René Broodryk 12-11-2015

I just want to thank the wonderful teachers at Impak’s J.O.Y Akademie in Centurion. They go out of their way for the learners, and the centre’s quality, tidiness and security is fantastic! My daughter is very happy there. 

Testimonial - Sanel Joubert 05-11-2015

I would like to thank Stompie Zandberg and her team for the recent prize-giving they hosted.

Home education isn’t something I ever considered, but after my daughter fell ill and there was no other solution, Impak and Dot’s Learning Centre offered us an alternative for which we are grateful every day.   

It was very positive to learn more about Impak and to meet the staff at the prize-giving. Your presentation was professional and, as a parent, I am proud to associate myself with Impak.

Testimonial - Terri Bornman 15-10-2015

I just want to thank you for Impak’s matric farewell. All the matrics looked lovely and my daughter and her partner thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thank you for all your planning and the effort that went into the evening, as a parent I greatly appreciate it

Testimonial - Limitless Study Centre 09-10-2015

Impak, thank you for your great service and the rapid dispatch of material.

Testimonial - Deidré van Zyl 01-10-2015

Thank you for your excellent service. It makes a proud Impak centre owner.

Testimonial - Jaco Nel 02-09-2015

Thank you for being willing to help my son, who is currently at university. He has already passed matric, but wanted to repeat Mathematics this year in order to obtain a better mark. All the staff we have dealt with to date, have been very friendly and helpful. Impak is truly a step ahead of the rest. 

Testimonial - Roné Hennop 27-08-2015

Thank you for your recent visit to Koedoesrand Akademie. Impak’s support means a lot and we appreciate you travelling so far to reach out to us!

Testimonial - The Barnards 20-08-2015

Home education was our best decision yet! Our daughter excels at target rifle shooting, and with Impak’s support she is able to practise her sport while planning her schoolwork around her training sessions and competitions without any pressure.

Testimonial - Wessel and Theunie Rossouw 13-08-2015

“Impak, you are tops! After we realised that the mainstream school system wasn’t going to work for our son, you offered us an alternative. Wessel received his NSC matric certificate and we cannot thank you enough for your effort and support.” 

Testimonial - Thinus Schrage  06-08-2015

Impak, many thanks for the books you recently donated to PEN! It has been divided among our various education projects and will be put to good use.

Testimonial - The Daniels family 30-07-2015

“We are a family in full-time ministry working with underprivileged communities. Due to our current location it was difficult to get our daughter, Keah, to school, so we opted for home education. Our first attempt through the Western Cape Education Department didn’t go very well, but after attending the Home School Expo in Bellville, we were certain that Impak was the right option for us. 

“This is our first year with Impak and Keah loves it! The learning material is user friendly but comprehensive – every homeschooling mom’s dream! We feel very blessed to have Impak as partner in our daughter’s education.”


Testimonial - The Moeggesukkel team 24-07-2015

“We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the donation we received from Impak. It is contributions such as this that enable us to not only look after our 45 residents, but also to reach out to others who need help and support.” 

Testimonial - Lorette van der Walt 16-07-2015

“My daughter, Micaila, performed really poorly at school. We decided to register her with Impak and were amazed when she scored 93% for a test in the first term. Even her lowest mark (55%) in the test series was better than her best subject at school!

“When we originally considered home education, all we hoped for was for her to pass, but thanks to Impak we now know that our daughter is capable of so much more. I would recommend Impak’s home education any day – Micaila is motivated and the entire household’s stress levels have dropped!”

Testimonial - Marie van Wyk 09-07-2015

"Our son, Adriaan, struggled with his schoolwork. He was referred from one doctor to the next, underwent several tests and attended extra classes every day, yet his school maintained that they weren’t seeing any improvement in his performance. Disheartened, we decided to look at alternative education options.

“We approached Wilma at Prestige Leersentrum in Witbank and while we were satisfied with what she could offer us, we were still a little unsure. To put us at ease she invited Adriaan to spend a day with them. He was very impressed and made it clear that he didn’t want to go back to his old school.

“It has been six weeks and we do not regret our decision. According to Adriaan’s teacher, he has settled in well and where previously he had nothing good to say about school, he now talks enthusiastically about his day.

“Thank you Impak and Prestige Leersentrum! My child is happy and carefree again!"

Testimonial - Nadia Neuhoff 02.07.2015

For a while now I’ve been bragging with my son’s marks on Facebook, and with good reason!

André-Louis was diagnosed with ADHD in 2013. After being prescribed Ritalin, my once active child turned into a little zombie. I burst into tears every time his teacher called us to come see her – especially when she told us that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the pressure in Grade 4. I didn’t know what to do.

At the end of that year I crossed paths with an angel, who introduced us to Impak and the concept of home education. I was reluctant to uproot my son, but knew I had to do what was best for him. We are now reaping the rewards of that difficult decision.

My son coped with Grade 4 just fine – his average at the end of last year was 75%! I am so proud of you André-Louis! Thank you Impak for making it all possible.

Testimonial - Debbie Scott 11.06.2015

I love having online access through my.Impak. It works wonderfully!

Testimonial - LA Cock, Namibie 04.06.2015

It was wonderful to effortlessly download the question papers and memorandums from my.Impak. You have done a great job – the system is efficient and easy to use. Now it is our turn to get to work. Let the examination begin!

Testimonial - Charles Schreuder 21.05.2015

We live on a farm with limited internet access, but thanks to Impak’s excellent learning material my son Corrie (Grade 10) can still reach his full potential. We also get to spend more time together as a family.

Testimonial - Hennie Coetzee (currently in Kenia with son Markus, Grade 4)  14.05.2015

Impak’s curriculum means that we have more time to discuss the work and to pay extra attention to Markus to ensure that he is never behind his age group in terms of schoolwork. The work is beautifully set out and each subject is treated thoroughly. Our travel schedule and his schoolwork never clash. 

Testimonial - Margie Beatham 07.05.2015

I’d like to thank Impak for getting my daughter up to date with her schoolwork. I had to go overseas to provide humanitarian aid and Angel had to come along. Thanks for all your patience!

Testimonial - Skip Scheepers 15.04.2015

I want to thank Nico Jacobs and Elsmé de Winnaar for the work that they do and for sorting out my problems. If everyone did their work as these two do, there would only be happy clients. I hope management sees your value

Testimonial - Bev Dabrowa 02.04.2015

I work in a corporate business environment and seldom have I dealt with a company like Impak. You went all out to help a rather stressed mom in a terrible situation! Your service was prompt and professional, and the subject matter experts (teachers) I met were amazing. Thank you!

Testimonial - Celeste Hattingh 26.03.2015

A big thank you to Marietjie Smit and Surina Jordaan for all the effort you put into the Hospitality Studies camp on 17 and 18 March. It was really a brilliant idea! I have learnt so much and am now excited to teach the subject to my students!

Testimonial - Karin Oestlund 19.03.2015

Our children have been walking their educational path with Impak for two years now. They have been there every step of the way to assist us when needed.

Testimonial - Estelle Joubert, Jakkalskrans Academy 12.03.2015

Impak's learning material is of outstanding quality and the standard thereof is non-comparable with that which is offered by our local schools. 

Testimonial - President Kruger Children’s Home 05.03.2015

On behalf of the President Kruger Children’s Home, we want to sincerely thank Marietjie Smith from Impak for the cupcake treats that were donated to us. The children and cleaning staff thoroughly enjoyed the surprise!” 

Testimonial  - Bianca Loots 25.02.2015

“I would like to thank SME Erika Hertzog for her amazing service. Erika is always ready to help with anything, no matter how small or big the issue. We greatly appreciate all that she has done for us.” 

Testimonial  - Charmone Charies Leeuwner 05.02.2015

“I would definitely recommend Impak – their service is excellent!”

Testimonial  - Retha Fichard, Editor: Mooivaal Media 29.01.2015

“My son is a former Impak learner. He completed his matric over two years (2013 to 2014) and passed with flying colours! He is currently a student at the NWU Vaal Triangle Campus. Thanks to everyone at Impak!” 

Testimonial  - Mrs. Wolhunter  15.01.2015

“Registering my child at Impak was the best decision I could have made – his marks have improved substantially and he enjoys the work. We look forward to another year with Impak!” 

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Testimonial  - Laeeqa Saloojee, 2014 Impak matriculant 8.01.2015

“It was a pleasure studying at Impak and I would eagerly recommend the curriculum to anyone else.” 

Testimonial  - Rene Broodryk  12.12.2014

I would like to thank Impak and J.O.Y. Academy for the fantastic curriculum and manner of instruction that they offer learners. My child cannot wait to tackle Grade 10 with the help and support from the wonderful teachers at J.O.Y.!

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Testimonial  -  Mariaan Krog 27.11.2014

"As a tutor I would like to thank Impak for the help, assistance and support over the past three years. It has been a privilege to use Impak's quality study material to teach my students."

Testimonial -  Elma Lausberg Gochas, Namibia 20.11.2014

Many thanks for your good service. We have already received our books for 2015 and, as the photo shows, there is great excitement among next year’s Grade 1 learner! 

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Testimonial -  Laurette Alberts, Breinboelies Akademiese Studiesentrum13.11.2014

“You are awesome! Breinboelies has received our Grade 1 books and the change in the learning material's content has me jumping up and down with excitement!” 

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Testimonial - Dr André Verster, Wings Aviation Academy 07.11.2014

“The standard of Impak’s curriculum is excellent. I speak from experience when I say that Impak’s curriculum is more comprehensive and easier to understand. Administration is also easy; my.Impak facilitates the capturing of marks, assessment and the printing of report cards with ease. Should we have any queries or concerns, Impak is quick to assist us.”

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Testimonial - Neels and Adri Claasen 23.10.2014

“A big thank you to everyone at Impak who supported us this year! Grade 12 is quite stressful and we appreciate all the assistance and the friendliness shown by the staff – especially Petro de Bruyn and Jeanine Heath. Thank you for exceptional service!” 

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Testimonial - Blitzpromotion 9.10.2014

Impak recently ended the blitz promotion campaign for 2015 registrations. The promotion rewarded clients who registered early with a 15% discount. Impak’s new streamlined registration and administration process proved its worth when staff managed to process the the registrations quickly and accurately despite us receiving a record number of registrations!  

The feedback from our clients has been positive and they praised Impak staff for their prompt processing of applications, speedy service, friendly attitude and willingness to help customers through the registration process.

A word of thanks to everyone who contributed towards the smooth running of the process and thank you  to our clients  for the record number of registrations for 2015.

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Testimonial - Heidi Dreyer  8.07.2014

“Thank you to the Impak finance team for your wonderful, professional and friendly service. It was a pleasure to work with you!” 

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Testimonial - Mandy Coetzee  31.07.2014

“Thank you to Marietjie Smit, Impak’s SME for Hospitality Studies, for a very educational practical session. You explained the finer details in such a nice practical way!”

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Testimonial - Sannie Schutte  24.07.2014

“I’m very excited about Impak’s excellent service. This morning I registered my child via fax and received the student number a short while later!” 

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Testimonial - Magriet de Beer  17.07.2014

Thank you very much to everyone at the Impak Centres, Academics and Assessment departments as well as everyone at Impak Info for your great service and prompt assistance in sending through my learners’ exams and mark sheets for term 1 and 2. You are all amazing!” 

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Testimonial - Chantell van Staden  10.07.2014

“Our family is very happy with Impak and I can recommend you to everyone who is interested in homeschooling. Your products, services and prices are all fantastic. I am definitely using Impak again next year for my children’s homeschooling!” 

Testimonial - Bernadette Maree  3.07.2014

“Thanks for the my.Impak website! It is fantastic that we can capture marks ourselves. Material and systems like my.Impak make Impak worth it!” 

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Testimonial - Asha Sewraj

I always receive quick, efficient and timeous responses to my e-mails. I’ve spoken to at least five members of the Impak team and ALL have shown true concern for my son. Special thanks go to Jeanine Heath, Ronel Rabie and Marius Louw. Thank you for genuinely caring for your learners. 

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Testimonial - Elsa Meads

“Congratulations with the creation of my.Impak. It is such a good idea! Thank you also for your speedy service. Questions that I ask as parent are answered almost immediately. I will gladly recommend Impak to any person interested in home schooling.”  

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Testimonial -  Karen Landsberg

Dealing with Charnay du Plessis (Contact Centre) and Neola Ungerer (Assessment) has been an absolute pleasure. Both have gone the extra mile to assist me. They answered all my questions patiently, which in turn helped me stress a great deal less. It is heart-warming to know that despite Impak being a distance education institution, we still get that “warm human factor”. Thank you very much Impak. Back to the top

Testimonial -  Hilda van Zyl, PE Academic Centre

“A word of thanks goes to Luan Erasmus (Contact Centre), Nico Jacobs (Centres), Tobie Botha (Finance), Jacques Bekker (IT)  en Marietjie Smit (Academics) for their cooperation. Wendy Pepler, subject head of languages, is excellent and deserves a medal for all her patience.” 

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Testimonial - Ms EF Heymans 

“I recently phoned Impak to enquire about my registration process. Luan Erasmus attended my enquiry and gave me all the registration details I required within seconds. He also told me that I would receive a follow-up e-mail. I was still talking to him when I received the e-mail from Elsmé Naude, the administration agent, with all the information and registration details I was looking for. I was very impressed! I received excellent service from Luan; he was patient, professional and friendly throughout our conversation. Thank you very much!”

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Testimonial - Cusilia Swart

“My daughter fared excellent in her exams in 2013. Top marks! And I know that this year is also going to be a blessed Grade 7 year for her. From a very, very happy mother, Cusilia.”

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Testimonial - Nita Black

The following was sent to Impak by Nita Black.

“My son has been with Impak from Grade R and is now starting Grade 7. Each day he grows more and more socially and stands out as a leader among his peers and friends."

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Testimonial - Me. Claasen 

"Herewith I would like to say thank you for the speedy and professional manner in which you handled the registration process of my children this year. I paid in full for both my children before the end of September in order to make use of the early registration discount. The entire process went smoothly, from the quotes to the registration and statements. "

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Testimonial - Mrs. Deborah M Gentle 

“I would like to thank Impak for the wonderful work they have done this year, it is a 100% improvement from last year." 

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"Testimonial - Fraans Potgieter

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service we have received from you as from day one. Everyone is helpful and friendly. What they say is what they do, without any excuses."

Testimonial - Karen

One of our valued tutors, Karen Hudson sent us an e-mail, thanking us for the amazing quality of this year’s books. Thanks to our newly developed colour covers for each subject, Karen’s students had no problem to distinguish them from each other easily.